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"If you should find this diary will you please keep it safe for me, because some day I hope...." - Anne's diary
"It's a phase....You heard Father....Most girls go through it...they turn to their fathers at this age...." - Margot
Anne and Otto Frank
Edith and Margot Frank.
"God willing." - Mrs. Van Daan
"Remember, Mr. So-and-So, remember I'm a Lady." - Anne
"I don't know...things are so different now...." - Anne
"I make the best latkes you ever tasted!" - Mrs. Van Daan
"Invite us all next your own home." - Mrs. Frank
"Our house was always swarming with boys." - Mrs. Van Daan
"They'll arrest you if you go out without your star." - Anne
"I've never had a diary.  And I've always longed for one." - Anne
Miep and Mr. Kraler at a loss as to how to keep Mr. Frank from leaving.
"Did you change your mind, the way I changed my mind about you?" - Peter
Their Hanukkah celebration is interrupted by a sudden crash of something falling below.
The Cast.
"I'm a man who's always lived alone.  I haven't had to adjust myself to others." - Mr. Dussel
"A man likes a girl who'll listen to him once in a while...a domestic girl...." - Mr. Van Daan

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