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Total matches for February 2015: 22

The couples.
"My!" - Claudia
"Joleen died." - Louis
"Sixteen years pals...."
Back from the movie house.
Shelby makes her entrance.
"Ah...thanks a lot, Jim." - Wallace
"Get up off the floor, Louis." - Jim
"Maybe I like to pretend." - Claudia
"What in the God Almighty...!?" - Louis
"Lou, have you been avoidin me?" - Shelby
"You still like me, don't ya?" - Katherine
"You never know, might get a cold spell." - Jim
"I just wanted to get the feel of it." - Claudia
"What accessories do I wear with basic black?" - Katherine
"Why Louis Quilet, if you don't just show up..." - Wallace
"Do I know you, Wallace, or not?  I just wonder." - Claudia
"I just use a little dab, ya know, right here..." - Claudia
"I hate to hurt you, boy.  Cause you're just like me, you're a victim." - Louis
"You don't know what a relationship is and I don't have time for one." - Shelby

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