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Total matches for October 2012: 31

"Where's the party?" - Bazdorf
"Why would you be afraid to print it?  It's your paper.  Print it as an op-ed piece." - Stockman
"You have your family behind you.  And that may turn out to be more than you bargained for." - Katherine
"You haven't forgot to hug me have you, honey bunch?" - Katherine
"You presented your report under false pretenses, Doctor." - Hovstad
"You're twice the man you used to be." - Hovstad
"Your dismissal is irrevocable." - Peter
Cast Photo
Cast Photo with Director and Stage Manager
Petra:  "Have you been going through my garbage?"  Billings:  "Facebook.  Hello."
Petra:  "I'm off today."  Katherine:  "Then be off.  I'm asking you."

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