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Total matches for October 2012: 31

"All I'm saying is things are looking up for a change around here." - Peter
"And what do you intend to do about this, Doctor?" - Hovstad
"And you bought them?  You bought all these shares in the baths - ?" - Stockman
"Big mistake there." - Hovstad
"But I'm good corrupt.  I'm "keep it in the family" corrupt." - Killian
"But Peter, that's exactly the kind of thinking that got us into this mess to begin with." - Stockman
"Don't worry about me.  I'm a good little machine." - Petra
"Hang on a minute.  I hear someone on the steps."  - Stockman
"I got there just as the FedEx man was leaving." - Petra
"I know a lot of people feel as strongly about Brockridge as I do." - Peter
"I left the bar to walk in a frickin' Nor'easter to get here." - Bazdorf (Drunk)
"I nominate Peter Stockman, the Mayor of Brockridge, to chair this assembly." - Sullivan
"I would never have believed it if I hadn't heard it out of your own mouth." - Killian
"I'll come in if it's true; if not, I'm off." - Killian
"It's confidential information on the baths.  It belongs in our records." - Peter
"Mister Mayor.  Good of you to make the long journey from your prison...I mean office." - Katherine
" doesn't even faze me.  I have more important things to talk about with you." - Stockman
"One briefcase, full of lies with the Mayor's letterhead stamped on it." - Stockman
"We'll start a rock collection.  Delivered right through our windows." - Stockman

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