Theatre To Go, Inc. are Artists in Residence at Trinity Episcopal Church in Melrose, Mass.

Announcing auditions for our season closer!

Moon Over Buffalo by Ken Ludwig

May 11-20, 2018
Directed by Russell Greene

All Roles (detailed below) are available.
Please note the suggested ages are not set in stone (for example, the role of Ethel could be played by a younger actress who can successfully portray a cantankerous elderly, hard of hearing, woman)

AUDITIONS will start at 7:00 PM (doors open at 6:45) on February 25 and 26, 2018 in the parish hall of Trinity Episcopal Church (131 W. Emerson Street, Melrose, MA 02176) and will consist of cold readings from the script.

CALL BACKS, if needed, will be held on March 1st.

PERFORMANCE DATES: May 11-20, 2018

GEORGE HAY - (Male, 50+) a very dramatic, over-the-top actor, onstage or backstage. Must be able to do strong physical comedy, including slapstick type pratfalls, running, stage combat (fencing), etc.
CHARLOTTE HAY - (Female, 50+) An equally strong presence on and off stage. She helps to run the acting troupe and plays all the leads even those for which she is a bit too old.
ETHEL - (Female, 70+) Charlotte's grumpy, meddlesome, very hard of hearing, mother. She too works for the company. A tough old broad with strong comedic skills, .
ROSALIND “ROZ” HAY - (Female, 20-30 years old) George and Charlotte's daughter, used to be a member of their acting troupe, but she decided that she wanted a normal life, so she left - determined never to act again - or be part of the dramatic world of theater .
PAUL - (late 20s-early 30s) is a member of the company, who used to date Roz and still loves her and wants her back; but he is an actor first and foremost, so he wouldn't leave the troupe to be with her. Must be able to do strong physical comedy
EILEEN - (early 20s) is an aspiring actress, eager to please, but may be more conniving than she seems. She has a crush on George and has been having a fling with him and finds herself "in the family way"
HOWARD - (late 20s-early 30s) – a weatherman, and Roz's fiancé. He comes across as straight-laced, and very excitable. He is meeting his theatrical future in-laws for the first time. Must be able to do strong physical comedy.
RICHARD - (50s) He is George and Charlotte's attorney, another emissary from the "normal" world, but he is in love with Charlotte - always trying to get her to leave George. He is wealthy and used to getting what he wants, and he is both amused and perplexed by the Hay family.

QUESTIONS: contact the Director via pm on facebook or email him at

Rehearsals are Sunday, Monday and Thursday evenings (generally 7-10 PM).

Auditions, rehearsals and performances are held in the Parish Hall of

Trinity Episcopal Church
131 West Emerson Street, Melrose, MA  02176

Rehearsals are Sunday, Monday and Thursday nights.

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Both stage directors and stage managers are offered modest stipends for their work. Our 2018-2019 Season will be announced shortly!

Interested applicants should forward their resumé, references and play concept to These may also be mailed to:
Theatre To Go, Inc., Attn: Staffing, P.O. Box 1502, Wakefield, MA 01880.
Please specify the show and position for which you are applying.

TTG is also encouraging technical staff who would like to join our ranks to please contact us for an opportunity to "play" in our space! 

Any questions regarding our productions, or for general information, please email

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