Auditions for Nickel and Dimed starting August 24th!

7:00 PM - Sunday and Monday open auditions with callbacks on Wednesday (as needed)

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This program is supported in part by a grant from the Melrose Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.

Massachusetts Cultural Council

Generation (Laz)Y
by Ashley Lauren Rogers

"A satirical comedy about the economy and the "Gimme" generation. Margaret Chatterly is a thirty-something woman living in a tent in her parents' backyard holding down two minimum wage jobs and one internship who is convinced she is dying. In order to keep her sanity she keeps her only possession (a carton of orange juice) with her at all times."


Ron Cook - Producer
Alex Lucchesi - Stage Director
Karen Hoff - Stage Manager


- featuring -

Sarah Trudeau Clark * Kate Beattie * Ron Cook
Francine Davis * Brian Beckwith
Amy Cole Beckwith * Michael Babineau
Kai Chao * Karen Hoff * Ryan Clark


We've sent Ashley home with video, notes and feedback as she continues to fine-tune this piece.  It was a great treat and honor to provide the means and venue to support new and timely theater.

Performances take place in the
Parish Hall of Trinity Episcopal Church - Melrose, MA
(As for accessibility of the locale: five steps up, single floor to navigate
with slight slope up for parlor, refreshments and restrooms.)

Announcing our 
2014-2015 Season!
Call for Directors and Stage Managers!

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Theatre To Go, Inc. produces three main stage shows a year.

Artists in Residence at
Trinity Episcopal Church, 131 W. Emerson St., Melrose, Mass.


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